Tree of Life Center

2018 Somatic Energy Healing Training Program

In this Professional Somatic Energy Healing journey, the core of the training is based on Polarity Therapy, in the spirit of it’s founder, Dr. Randolf Stone. It is steeped in the wisdom of ancient healing traditions of Ayureveda, Chinese, Hermetic, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, and Osteopathic healing systems. All of these healing approaches acknowledge “Health” beyond just the physical realm and have the perspective of energy preceding form. Woven into this training are various ‘embodiment healing perspectives’ to working with Trauma and the Nervous System that invite wholeness and integration of life’s experiences. Janice will facilitate this training from her synthesis of over 25 years of study and practice of various Somatic Healing modalities.

Together we will embody our Holistic anatomy and explore and integrate the esoteric energy maps that weave us into form. Thru movement, deep listening, stillness, and a lot of hands on bodywork/touch, we will experience and explore this comprehensive approach.Our educational style is designed to explore the various ways students learn best by incorporating kinesthetic, visual, and auditory perspectives.  We will open to the world of Energy in its’ many forms; Exploring the Energy blueprint that precedes the form and breathes life thru every cell in our body. We will integrate old Osteopathic principles into our work and explore Cranio Sacral anatomy at our core and explore what Dr. Stone called the ʻwireless anatomyʼ or energy blueprint of the body.  Included in our studies will be a Nervous System approach to Trauma resolution work thru a model that incorporates inner awareness of our sensation body, and strengthening the resource base and health in a personʼs system to be able to resolve undigested life experiences. Meditation and Movements such as Polarity Energy Yoga, Chi Gong exercises and Brain Gym exercises (right/left brain integration) will be woven in through out our time to pace and integrate the experience and also give you tools to work with your clients.

The biggest thread throughout this transformational training is discovering and uncovering the Intelligence and Health already present within our systems. We will “Court” and feed this innate wise part of us that sometimes gets covered by lifeʼs experiences. We will experientially explore how we align with Vitality and Life on many fronts throughout the seasons together. These healing principles and wellness tools will be applied with both ourselves and clients with whom we practice.  There will be an emphasis on being "Present" to what is, and sitting in “relationship” with self, others and nature in a clear and authentic way. Practitioner skills will foster working with clients in a clear, spacious and neutral style as well as from a place of ease & effortlessness. Your sensitive listening skills and intuition will deepen throughout this potent journey.

As a naturalist, I will invite us into the inner and outer landscapes to explore in a multi-faceted way the Elemental world of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  Each has gifts and imbalances that manifest in body, mind spirit, and emotions. We will cultivate tracking and translating first our stories, and then our clientʼs stories into “elemental language.” Outside of class you will practice on a variety of practice clients to further integrate our class time learning.

This program is designed to support you to access more of your authentic potential on a professional level ~ to listen to your deep intuitive voices and to shed the layers that cover up your Souls’ true yearnings. We will sit around fires, share from our hearts, create a fertile, healthy and authentic group organism to hold, nurture and support our development and seasoning as Energy Healing Practitioners. The more we apply the Polarity Process to ourselves, witness it in fellow students, and practice it in our outside sessions, the more effective we can guide our clients thru this process.  I see my job as holding a sacred container that supports all of this to happen within and creating a fertile, inspirational, meaningful and impactful learning and healing experience.

This training will prepare students to apply for an Energy Principles Practitioner (EPP) designation with the International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) that can be put after your name, upon completing this four-month Experiential Practicum and Supervision requirement.  Tree of Life Center will provide students with a transcript to apply for this designation with the IPEA. By being part of this Tree of Life Center professional training program students will become lifetime members of the IPEA as a student member until upgrading to this EPP designation. The final designation of IPEA is Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP) which will require phase two of Energy Healing training; Hours will be determined by previous related experiences and learning criteria and topics and objectives set forth by Tree of Life. More info will be provided during the training.

Tree of Life Center is certified as a continuing education provider with NCBTMB (The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork)

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