Experiential Guidance & Supervision 

Project Experience"

OCT. 2018 - APR.  2019

45 Training hours 

Students will have the option to do this follow-up practical experience separate from the core hours of the Somatic Energy Healing “Polarity Therapy” program.   

9am-1pm for all meeting times

Tuesday Oct. 30, 2018; Thursday Dec.13, 2018;

Thursday Jan. 24, 2019; Thursday Feb. 28th, 2019

Final Presentations will be Tuesday Apr. 23 & 30th, 2019

For five months with 4 classroom hours per month plus phone supervision provided out of class students will do 10 practice sessions with a project client during this time period. The Final meeting time all students participating will present a summary of their experience to our group 


   25 hrs. classroom time (6x’s for 4 hours each consecutive month) 

     2.5 hrs. Phone guidance & Feedback with Janice

     2.5 hrs. Peer guidance & Feedback

+ 15 hrs.-(10 sessions with same person)

Total of 45 training hours

Cost:  $400 

$80 will be due for the first five meeting times.

This is a powerful experience that helps to deepen and integrate your Polarity Therapy training that you have participated in prior. An integral part of this is having a clear support, structure with  guidance and feedback built in along the way.    Each student will custom pertinent goals and intentions; areas to grow in and acknowledgement of what skills and gifts they bring to the experience.   Student will be given forms to help organize and structure the experience.   At the end of this experience each student will share a 30 minute summary presentation to a group of peers.   Cost is separate from the core training.  As a group we will collaborate on dates and times to meet.