We’ll bring strengthening, ease, flow and mindful awareness to our spine and explore this vital central pillar of our body in relationship to the CHAKRA SYSTEM formed along this same midline.  Each Chakra has a nerve plexus and Endocrine gland associated with it. 

This class guides us thru gentle, dynamic exercises aligning & balancing our physical, mental, emotional & energy body with a focus on the seven chakras, the spine and nerves.  We will free and move our nerve structure thru the Spine and Energy centers of the Chakras  and the associated hormonal gland to bring balance to the Mind/Body.  

An emphasis is on listening to our body as a guide while exploring these mind/body relationships.  Build vitality and health while releasing stress & tension!  This class is a blend of standing, sitting and lying gentle and dynamic energy holds and exercises to support the balance, flow and alignment of our system.  Our last 20 minutes is a restorative energy hold for deep relaxation. 

No yoga experience necessary!  Beginners are welcome and students who want to work with a deeper energetic subtlety and Mind/Body approach to their movement practice.

Other Wellness classes at the Bridge on Thursday eves

10/5-12/14  CHAKRA YOGA Series-14CE’s

                                                      `  TREE of LIFE CENTER `

is approved by the National Certification Board for

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as

a continuing education approved provider.

Gentle Energy Yoga 
for the Chakras & Spine” 
  with Janice Marie Durand
  Instructor Bio

Thursday, Sept.14th, 2017

Class Fee: $25

SAXAPAHAW @ the Bridge in River Mill

2 NCBTMB CE’s Available for Massage & bodywork Therapist. Contact ahead of class for paperwork!

                      REGISTER in Advance with Janice to assure a spot

                     jmdchi@mindspring.com    919 563-4454